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About us

Bonta stands for good in Italian.

We are fulfilling our vision of travel and profitable business since 1999.

As a small, growing company, we are very flexible in fulfilling special customer requirements.

Our other strong points are delivery at exactly the right time ('just in time' principle) and attention to detail.

The majority of our transport is done within the countries of the European Union: mostly Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Benelux.

We are constantly expanding our transport fleet of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, refrigerated containers, lorries, vans ...

Within Slovenia, the majority of our transport is in the field of food delivery. For this purpose, our vans are equipped to handle frozen and temperature controlled transports as well as breakable cargo.

We follow our vision of healthy growth, quality, continuous improvement of services, reduced pollution, driving efficiency and building a network of partners in Slovenia and abroad.

Ljubljana Business Unit

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Bonta d.o.o.
Brnčičeva ulica 17 a
1000 Ljubljana

Tel: +386 (0)59 945 949  
Fax: +386 (0)59 946 036


Excellent SME
Holders of Excellent SME, a certificate of excellence for medium, small or micro businesses awarded by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the basis of credit reports and other criteria, we are also in the progress of being ISO 9001 certified.

One of the Fastest Growing Businesses

GazelaWe are proud of the positive growth of our company and of the new jobs we create. Since 2011, our company has been nominated as one of the fastest growing businesses in the central region of Slovenia for five years running.

Over 10,000 Satisfied Clients

Since 1999, we have provided services for over 10,000 clients. Here are some of them: Hella d.d., Hidria LC d.o.o., Sanolabor d.d., Sportina Bled d.o.o., TKK Srpenica d.o.o., Rotos d.o.o. Idrija, Količevo karton d.o.o., Benteler trgovina d.o.o., Julon d.o.o., Trimo d.d., Mercator d.d.,...